“can you do a presentation” used to fill me with dread!

I help to run a small charity. I am often asked to speak about what we do. The words “can you do a presentation” used to fill me with dread! I am passionate about my cause but I always felt apprehensive when I know I have to get up and tell people all about it. I was always worrying that I didn’t tell the story in a clear and interesting way that would hold the audiences attention and hopefully convince them that we were worth funding. When I heard about the public speaking workshop that Equity had arranged I thought that this couldn’t have come at a better time. Our current funding is ending and I knew that we were going to have to find new sources of funding.

The day of the course arrived. The thought of having to produce and deliver a presentation in a short space of time made me feel very anxious. It was not something I was looking forward to. But I knew that to give ourselves the best chance of receiving a grant it was important that we make the best possible presentation. It turned out that my worries were in vain. The presenter was fantastic. He put us all at ease and explained what the day was about and what he wanted us to achieve. To break the ice we all gave a very quick 2 minute presentation and once that was under my belt there was no stopping me. It was actually a fun day.

The whole workshop revolved around PACCSS!
P is for Purpose
A is for Audience
C is for Context
C is for Content
(I realised that this was the mistake I kept making. I always started with content and missed the first four steps)
S is for Structure
S is for Style

In a very simple but effective way we discovered the elements that go together to make a great and memorable presentation. It was a fantastic few hours and I know it will stand me in good stead for many years. Over the last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about my next presentation and it is certainly going to be very different than the one I would have given if I hadn’t attended the workshop. A huge thank you to Equity for giving me this opportunity it is going to make a world of difference.

Ps. I will definitely be attending more workshops if I’m invited!