Kallum from Ceracycloan talks about his journey to starting an apprenticeship


My Name is Kallum Thomas, aged 17yrs, I live in foster care in Stockport, I support Ceracycloan in Stockport and  I am looking forward to starting an apprenticeship at Ceracycloan in the near future.

I was initially referred to Ceracycloan via social care as I did not attend school for approximately 3 years, I isolated myself and did not mix in groups and did not engage in much.  I liked to idea of cycling and learning about bikes and how to fix them, I liked the sound of Ceracycloan so I thought I’d attend once or twice but I was hooked after two sessions since then I have not stopped attending via my referral but now that’s finished I have continued to volunteer 5 days per week 9.30am to 6pm.

I now support the peer mentoring of other young people, maintaining bikes and I have passed my Cycle Technicians course with Ceracycloan, I have also learnt and supported the Arts and Design side of the company and have learnt to make many items from old bike parts such as jewellery, belts and tables, I have attended many events helping to collect market research, facilitate bike checks and have completed much more since been at ceracycloan and I have accomplished many things via Ceracycloan and hope to accomplish many more in the future.

I feel I have had to look at myself, I have grown in confidence, learn different things and mix with different people and groups.

My typical day is dependent on what needs doing that day, such as I may be working in the bike workshop, building / repairing or seeing to customers or I may be working in the arts and design workshop making various innovative items which also allows me to be creative.

Every task I do give me a different sense of accomplishment i.e. making something from old parts proud I’ve made it, dealing with customers makes me happy that they leave happy, building or repairing a bike makes me feel proud I have the skills and knowledge to do so. I also feel lucky I have had this opportunity and proud that I have engaged in it and achieved

I have gained Knowledge, skills, a sense of pride, personal satisfaction and I feel part of a team which is like a supportive family I would advise others who are considering to volunteer to be yourself, be open minded, be ready to learn, have fun, engage and embrace the team spirit.