A Light Bulb Moment, a blog by Margaret from Mellor Country House

When I saw the opportunity to attend this workshop I was both pleased and slightly nervous too. Marketing is such a big and important subject when you don’t really know what you are doing in the first place, it can feel daunting to take the first step towards the unravelling of this monster.

When I arrived at Equity I was pleasantly surprised that we were a small team of people that I had met before bar one so instantly began to feel at ease which does help. I was introduced to a lovely young girl called Grace who was going to do the presentation about Marketing. Grace was very friendly and seemed interested genuinely in my problems that I had about not knowing what to say to get my message across to future visitors for my charity.

Grace proceeded to break it down for me and unscramble my thoughts and help me to put them into some sort of order. She also made me look at the visitors in a completely different way which was a light bulb moment for me and was amazing as it made sense.

I managed to create a couple of main points that would be my “elevator speech” and the “pub test” was very useful too. Grace helped me to look at the future and how it could look using the information and tools she had provided and how to measure our successes. The hints and tips will of great use too, the presentation was easy to follow as it was logical and not as big a problem and fear as I had first believed it to be.

I left the workshop with a renewed confidence and self-belief to put into practice what I have learned when the opportunity arises. So, a huge thank you to all involved, very well worth facing my fears and attending this workshop.