‘It Makes Me Proud of Myself’ – How Ceracycloan has helped Christie

It’s really chilled here, there’s music and it makes you just want to get on with things. They’re all dead happy and nice to you and stuff. I come because I’ve got social anxiety and depression so I was just sitting at home doing nothing but now I’ve got this, it makes me proud of myself and I look forward to coming. I’m learning new things every time I come. I’ve learned how to solder and make things out of brake cables. I’m making a clock at the moment. It’s mad how much there is to say about it and it’s mad how much we do – good mad, obviously!

It’s changing the way I feel because I’m showing off what I’ve made when I get home, it makes me feel better in myself, it makes me feel proud. I never thought something like this would make me feel that. It’s because you’re making the thing straight away, not doing the boring writing stuff. We’ve got more lessons now, because I’ve asked.

Away from here, a few people have said I’m more happy, it’s because I’m looking forward to coming here all week. I thought I’d try it and it’d be boring but it turns out I’m really enjoying it. I never went to school because I was always angry. I couldn’t do anything so I walked out of lessons but that’s not happening here so it proves you can change what you think.
If the Queen was here, I’d say “Take off your crown and put on an apron and do something and you’ll see how good it ACTUALLY is”.