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Mortgages for first time buyers to stay in equity

Mortgages for First Time Buyers to Stay in Equity

Mortgages for first time buyers and equity

The UK government runs various affordable housing schemes for first time buyers including the Key Worker Living programme, and the shared ownership, aimed for key workers. However, for people who cannot get onto the home ownership ladder this way, mortgages is a viable solution to apply for. Most building societies and banks offer this type of loan that you can take out to buy your desired property. Mortgages are also available through specialist lending companies or by using a mortgage broker. Although, you can always get a mortgage directly with the mentioned institutions there are other convenient ways to buy mortgages based on information or advice that you may receive and this will help you stay in equity.

The Internet is one of those sources that you can look at toward broadening your knowledge on mortgages. Government offices can also assist you to find the best deals through established organisations and there are a number of advisors that can point you to the lender that can provide a mortgage suiting your particular needs. However, the first golden rule when buying mortgages for the first time is checking the firm you plan to go with as mean of preventing frauds.

The Financial Services Authority
The Financial Services Authority

The Financial Services Authority is one of the best resources that you can find online to guide you in this first experience. In fact, there is a small free booklet (Choosing a mortgage – taking the right steps) that you can download at this address: www.fsa.gov.uk/pubs/public/mortgage_steps.pdf In this publication, you will find all the basics that will help you to differentiate the different types of mortgages available on the market, as well as the pros and cons of buying any of them, including the estimate of both costs and risks involved in each case. Due to such risks, not only the Financial Services Authority but also many lenders advice is to take insurance along with your mortgage so you can cover any eventuality repaying your debt.

Home equity

Home Equity
Home Equity

Some lending companies can also provide you with a free impartial service with no obligation to buy after choosing from about 7,000 different mortgages available in the British Property Market which give you the best chance of being in equity. However, study all the terms carefully before buying any mortgage, because the market is moving very fast, leading to significant increases in home prices. Before buying a mortgage get as much information as you can, whether from mortgage brokers or lenders you are about to deal with. Without knowing “who is who” in the property market, you can be at risk when shopping around trying to find the best mortgage deal. Another fact to take into consideration is how you are going to pay off your debt. There are two basic repayment options attached to your mortgage’s terms: “interest only” or “repayment”.

Interest only allows you repay monthly repayments during a specific period of time, but you are only paying the accrued interests, not the mortgage, which should be paid when the term agreed between lender and borrower ends. With the repayment option, however, you make monthly payments during a period of time as well, but repaying both part of the money borrowed and the interest. Choosing one or another depends on whatever is easier for you, but it is always wise to get advice from a financial expert before buying a mortgage for the first time.

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