Social Enterprise and Perseverance by Lisa from ProjectINC

My Organisation is coming up to its first birthday. Awww.
I saw a problem, saw a solution, devised a blend of Education,Art and Local Culture supporting Social Mobility. I ran with it.
I’m sure the seeds of your Enterprise began growth in a similar, organic way. Nourished by your own passion.Then stuff gets real!

Reflecting on our first year will be an ongoing process- data and numbers mixed with our wonderful learner self evaluation comments, that ensure you know you are on the right track.
But one word keeps reappearing. A subtle, understated, possibly underused word in our outspoken, punchy social media lived professional existence- Perseverance.

When a social enterprise shuts down, it’s ability also affects those people that the business was set up to serve, ceases. A sense of responsibility and the real-world consequences sit on our shoulders as Leaders.

And it should, as a quarter of Social Enterprises work with the most deprived communities in the U.K.

Santander Business Report shows Social Enterprises in the U.K. to be thriving and moving towards most having around 70% commercial income.
We are business smart and sustainable.

Our perseverance is making a difference. To the notion and kudos of ‘Profit for Purpose’, as well as those we serve.
We are business people, we are change makers, and we certainly have the passion to persevere.